Information for Players

The objective of the game is to collect all of the Pokemon. You collect Pokemon by catching them while watching the live streams of participating streamers. When you see a Pokemon appear on stream, quickly type !catch in Twitch chat to attempt to catch the Pokemon. The first viewer to write !catch in Twitch chat will catch the Pokemon if they haven’t already caught that Pokemon.

Caught Pokemon will be added to your Pokedex. You can view your Pokdex by clicking the View Players button on this page. You can also view the other players’ Pokdexes.


Information for Streamers

This game will spawn a randomly selected Pokemon on your stream which can be caught by one of your viewers. The viewer writes !catch in Twitch chat and the Pokemon is theirs.

To enable this game for your stream, click the “Add to My Stream” button. You will have to grant permission for our system to interact with your Twitch chat if you haven’t done so already. After clicking the button and granting the required permissions, this game will be activated for your account and you will be redirected to a page in your account for managing the game.

To integrate this game with OBS …